Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tour dates and links

Hello to all readers.

Here's our tour dates. We're going to be on the road with the Shreds from Orlando. Check them out HERE.

We'll have a split tape with the Shreds, and our our debut seven-inch, "Do as I say not what I Do," plus our debut tape, "Keep it in your pants," which was called "potentially crucial" by Maximum Rock n Roll. Check out the full review HERE. Download "Keep it in your pants" HERE.

With much love and warmth,

St. Dad

February 5th
Tallahassee, FL with Sorry Mom at Farside 205 East Oakland Avenue

February 6th
Pensacola, FL with High Fructose at 309 6th Wright St.

February 7th
New Orleans, LA with Nervous Juvenille and Small Bones at Dragon's Den 435 Esplanade Avenue

February 8th
Chattanooga, TN with What If?, 40 oz. Folklore, and Hill Street Houligans at Anarchtica

February 9th
Lexington, KY with Story Time Cory at Crucial Funhouse 249 Kentucky Avenue

February 10th
Bloomington, IN

February 11th
Indianapolis, IN

February 12th
Toledo, OH with Yeti Machete and Chernobyl Babies at Black Cherry Info Shop 1420 Cherry Street

February 13th
Cincinnati, OH with You'll Get Yours at Hot Tub House 1343 Stratford Avenue

February 14th
Columbus, OH with Vacation and Slugging Percentage at Monster House 115 West 10th Avenue

February 15th
Pittsburgh, PA

February 16th
Providence, RI with The Black Clouds and The Ram at AS220 115 Empire Street

February 17th

February 18th
Willimantic, CT at The Handsome Woman

February 19th
Brooklyn, NY with Escarioka, The Brooklyn What, and The Rhodes at Don Pedro's 90 Manhattan Avenue

February 20th
Brooklyn, NY at Tommy's Tavern 1041 Manhattan Avenue

February 21st
Philadelphia, PA

February 22nd
Washington D.C.

February 23rd
Baltimore, MD with Shelter Shock, Sacrifidelis, Gnarly Rueage, Dry Clouds at Monarchs 6826 Hartford Road

February 24th
Richmond, VA at Whoredor, formerly Space Broadessy with Nervous Ticks and CRASS COVER BAND!!!!

February 25th
Charlotte, NC with Junk Culture and Projexorcism at The Milestone

February 26th
Greenville, SC at The Hangar

February 27th
Charleston, SC at Outerspace

February 28th
St. Augustine, FL at Nobby's Tavern 10 Anastasia Boulevard

March 1st
Gainesville, FL at Bo Diddly's Old House 911 SE 4th St.

March 2nd
Orlando, FL with Triscults, Slippery Slopes, Permanent Nap, and Lags at Uncle Lou's 1016 North Mills Avenue

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